Seasonal Fashion Tips from Your Favorite Boutique in Charlotte

Seasonal Fashion Tips from Your Favorite Boutique in Charlotte

Halloween is coming up fast, and you need to make sure you’re ready with a styling new look to rock your upcoming slew of spooky parties. Call us The Reece Boutique because we’re coming in hot with some of the seasons in-styles. Check some of these out and put together your next winning combo before you hit the scene - all from your favorite boutique in Charlotte.

Big Sleeves Are in!

Maybe it’s not the newest trend in the book, but puffy sleeves are in and they aren’t going out anytime soon. They’re like a callback to a long-gone era, but be that as it may, they will give you a decidedly fashionable look.

Just take a look around and you will see the style everywhere, not just in standalone tops but also in dresses, rompers, and other tops. Go with a long sleeve puffed out top for the upcoming months but make sure you’re ready with a shorter one for the spring!

For some inspiration, check out our Black Heart Top or our Becca Bodysuit - see if you can create an outfit based around these!

Ditto on the Cardigans

Cardigans are in too, and they have been for a while. What can’t you do with them? They’re cozy, comfortable, and versatile, and you can still show off what you’re wearing underneath them without even trying. Or, you can button up when it gets chilly - the possibilities are endless, specifically since we have so many designs here on our site!

Dazzle in a Jumpsuit or a Bodysuit

Jumpsuits and bodysuits are also hot right now, and they’re taking over. Where only a few years ago summer dresses and sundresses had stolen the scene, today you’re almost more likely to see a jumpsuit or a bodysuit out on the town.

Versatile, comfortable, and stylish, jumpsuits and bodysuits give you a lot of flexibility, and some of them are like a whole-outfit-in one, so you don’t need to do extra work planning an ensemble. Just pick out a few jumpsuits to pad the wardrobe and you’ll be set!

Rompers are Here

On that note, rompers are set to dazzle as well, and rompers are every bit as popular as jumpsuits nowadays if not more. A romper brings all of the styles of a dress without the inconvenience, and for some reason, they’re more acceptable through the colder months. Something about a dress just says “summer” and a romper is free from that.

Plus, like a jumpsuit, a romper is a whole outfit in one package. Mixing and matching are easier than it will have ever been with a romper!

Fluffy Coats and Shawls Are Hot

Next up it’s a really seasonal item that you can rock for Halloween but also through the rest of the cooler months of the year. Fluffy coats and shawls are all the rage right now, as are favorites like ripped sweaters and faux furs.

Basically, big outerwear is in! Whether you’d prefer a big, bold, beautiful coat, a fluffy, fuzzy shawl, one of our favorite cardigans (see above!), or even a cute sweater - big and bright, of course - you can find it right here. With a boutique in Charlotte like The Reece Boutique, looking your best will just come naturally!

Prints Are Coming Back

Exotic prints are not just bohemian anymore. Well, they are characteristically boho, but more and more enterprising spirits are taking exotic and animal prints for all they’re worth - and running with them.

Check out some of our unique designs like our Snakeskin Top or our Born To Be Wild Top for some interesting, original inspiration.

Shine and Sparkle with Jewels

Sometimes jewels and glitter are considered over the top, but they’re coming into style as we speak. Add a little glitter to your gait and a little shine to your step with top picks like our Rhinestone Denim Jeans and Shine On Skirt and keep your eyes open - you’ll see looks like this on every corner.

Patchwork is Precious

One more style you can’t miss for this Fall season - patchwork is in, and it has kind of similar boho influences to the exotic prints mentioned above.

Patchwork pieces of fashion let you bring multiple different colors into one setting, abruptly, and the effect is dazzling. Check out highlights like our The Boulevard Bodysuit and see what you can make - our guess is something great.

These are some of this year’s hottest trends and they’re only going to get hotter as the temperatures drop through the winter. Make sure you stop back from time to time to see what’s near here at your favorite boutique in Charlotte, NC - and to get the latest tips.

Plus, don’t miss a chance to follow us on Instagram and Facebook before you leave our blog. That way, you can stay up on the latest looks and never miss a beat!

While you’re here, make sure you take a long look through our collection of fashion tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories - shop us online or in-store, whatever shopping experience is best for you!

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