Shopping for Boutique Tops: A Short Guide

Shopping for Boutique Tops: A Short Guide

You’re in the right place for exciting, new, and trendy styles that will have you looking and feeling your best, but don’t get overwhelmed by everything we can offer! We want our online shopping experience to be excellent for all of our customers because to us it’s all about great, fashionable deals and customer service.

We’ve decided to put together this quick guide on shopping for boutique tops that you can fall back on as you’re shopping through our virtual aisles. Take a look at some of these pointers below while you’re shopping and you might just put together your best outfit yet.

Why Boutique is Better than Big Box

At The Reece Boutique, we specialize in showcasing some really unique and new styles that are different from all of the other styles you’re going to find out there, but we can also pull this off with a really close degree of attention to detail and by constantly being on the lookout for new trends in fashion and new tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories to add to our catalog.

More and more shoppers across the country are turning to boutique shopping as an outlet for their creativity, both online and in-store. There’s just so much that a smaller, more personalized boutique can offer you a sense of fashion that you can only find by chance at a large retail store if you can find it at all.

Here are some of the things that a smaller, boutique operation like The Reece Boutique can offer you that the competition just isn’t able to match. As you’ll see, some of these pointers are what enable us to come up with the amazing selection of tops and other apparel and accessories that you can see on our website!

Small Size, Big Character

Some shoppers are attracted to the sheer size of some larger retailers because they believe they’ll be able to find special deals, discounts, and unique products there. While this is unquestionably true some of the time, the truth is that there is a tradeoff between the size of a retailer and the uniqueness of the fashion it sells.

A lot of large retailers are buying from the same producers, and sometimes they even sell the same clothing season after season. For them, this is a cost-saving measure, but for shoppers, it can get boring pretty quickly.

This is an issue you can skirt by shopping with a boutique because boutiques are small by nature. Also, since boutiques are often run by a small team and have one or two people pulling the strings of procurement, they can really keep tabs on the styles that they sell.  

That means that even though boutiques might be smaller operations, they have a really big character. Shopping with boutiques is one of the most reliable ways to keep on top of styles of tops, and to be able to find the perfect, fresh look every time you shop.

A Personal Touch

Another thing that’s great about the boutique shopping experience is the fact that everything about it is so personal, even when you shop online. A boutique just lacks that feel of shopping with a big box retailer, and whether it comes from the fact that real people have picked out the fashionable styles or that getting in touch with the customer service team is so easy is anyone’s guess.

Anyone who’s looking for a personal experience, something like shopping with someone who knows you well, will love shopping at a boutique, even if you just stick to shopping online!

An Unmatched Experience

All of this comes together to form an unmatched experience when you shop with a boutique. From the fact that you will never run out of surprises to keep everything fresh to the fact that you can find such a refreshing selection of women’s boutique clothing, including sweaters, cardigans, fashion tops, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, and more, you just won’t be able to get enough of the boutique shopping experience once you get a taste!

Boutique Tops: Where to Start

So you’re looking for some new boutique tops, and maybe you aren’t used to the boutique shopping experience just yet. Don’t worry, that’s fine - and it’s never too late to switch things up for the better.

Like shopping in a larger outlet, you can go the route of just sifting through the pages, or if you are in an actual boutique, looking through the racks, in order to find something that catches your eye. Really, that’s still the best way to find a surprise that you weren’t expecting, but if you want to shop with purpose in order to put together a special outfit, here’s how to do it.

If you’re starting with the search for fashionable tops, one of the best ways to start the search is by defining your style and then looking for a top that will fit the vibe.

You can start by looking for your top first and then building the outfit backward around them, but then you’ll be back at square one. If you take this targeted approach, you can form an idea of what you want in your mind and go from there.

Define Your Style

There’s just one thing, though. If you start by defining your style or your spirit or your vibe or whatever else you want to call it, you have to pick a certain feel. Here are some popular trends for which you will find wonderful fashion tops in our online shop that will be the perfect fit for outlines following these styles.

Casual - One of the most popular schools of fashion is the casual style. You’re also in luck because it is so easy to pull off a really cute, casual outfit with some of the styles on our site.

Casual is what you would wear when you are hanging around the house or out with friends. It’s what you would wear if you worried about who was watching you. The great thing about it, though, is that it is the devil-may-care attitude that makes it so versatile.

It’s almost like you don’t have to try too hard with casual fashion, because once you try too hard it isn’t casual anymore. While most of the boutique tops on our website are more drummed-up than typical casual clothes tend to be, we offer plenty of lounge sets, jeans, hoodies, graphic tees, and sweatshirts that would be the perfect mates to most casual outfits. Pair them up with sneakers and you’ll have a new look in no time.

Chic or Elegant - Chic and elegant are not the same styles, but they are similar enough. Chic is like what elegant would be if elegant were toned down and redone in neutral colors. However, they both have a high brow spirit and a refined sense of style - kind of the opposite of casual style.

Well, there is casual chic which is even more toned down chic, but if you are looking for a sophisticated look, go with one of our formal looking tops. Think about how the style looks; if it’s something you would wear to a dinner party or a gathering that was just a step below black tie, you can probably build a chic or elegant outfit around it.

Bohemian - Bohemian style is becoming more and more popular with each passing season because there is so much you can do with it. At this point, bohemian has almost become synonymous with trendy.

Bohemian style usually brings together elements that would normally clash. It is poofy, frilly, fluffy, lacy, fluid, and bold. There are big buttons and bold belts and other accents in bohemian, or boho, tops, along with long sleeves matched to short hems and other oddities.

You’ll also probably come across floral prints and animal prints among boho clothing, as well as a lot of toned-down natural colors; tones of earth, sea, and sky are common in bohemian fashion.

These are some of the things you’ll see in bohemian fashion, but there are many others. The good news is if you see a top like this, you can pair it to almost anything else and the style will still be bohemian at the end of it!

Bright and Vibrant - This style is exactly what it sounds like, and keep in mind that you can have a merging of two styles, especially one like this. A boutique top can be bright and vibrant and still fall into another school of fashion like artsy or punk - it can be both.

Or it can just be vibrant, which means it is full of bright colors. Here at The Reece Boutique, we love bright, bold colors and shine, and so many of our fashion tops are metallic, satin-finished, and boldly colored. If you’re looking to make a bright outfit and want to start with the top, there’s a lot for you to use here.

Girly - Girly and playful, just like bright and vibrant, is just what it sounds like. If there’s one thing we love besides a bright, bold, and beautiful look here, it’s a cute look that you will love.

Sometimes this school of fashion pairs bright pink color with cute patterns or a tie-dyed look, and sometimes it’s all just about the feel of the top in question. If you’re looking at a top and think that it has a good balance of cute yet borders somewhere on the elegance of chic style, then you probably have a girly top.

These are only some of the schools of style for which we offer unique tops to make it all come together, but they are some very popular trends that a lot of you will be looking for as you look through our collection. Start with one of these, and the next step is to pick a type of top!

What Type of Top?

After you settle on the style you want to follow in your outfit, you can pick out a type. Keep in mind that some tops are going to fall into a certain category even without knowing what they look like. For example, lace tops and frilly tops are probably going to have a bohemian look and a lot of cardigans give off a chic vibe.

However, you will still have a lot of freedom and flexibility with the type of top you pick out. Are you looking for something tempting and alluring like a bodysuit or a crop top? Are you looking for something warm and inviting like a fashion sweater or a pullover? Perhaps you are more interested in the free-spirited look of a tube top, tank, or crop top. You might even love the wild look of a two-piece set.

Once you pick out the style you want to accomplish, all you have to do next is find the top to match it!

Connect with Us on Social Media to Get Inspired

That’s where you can start when you want to create a really unique outfit around some of the boutique tops that we offer here at The Reece Boutique, but if you want a little extra inspiration or see how others are making the most of our styles, follow us on our social media accounts!

Feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or just stop by periodically to see how others are making the most of our unbelievable collection of trendy clothing and accessories.

Don’t Miss Our Other Styles!

Now that you know how to go about building out an outfit starting with a unique top, get to making it happen. The next step is actually picking out your favorite top from our collection and making an outfit around it!

It might start with the top, but it doesn’t end there. Don’t miss our collection of bottoms, outerwear, and other accessories while you’re shopping and you’ll have the perfect outfit in no time! Spend some time getting familiar with our fashion sense, and if you have any questions about our products or would like our input, reach out to us at

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