Why Should You Purchase Boutique Jewelry?

Why Should You Purchase Boutique Jewelry?

Today, jewelry of all styles, types, designs, and prices can be found everywhere. They retain so many qualities that make them unique, like being able to elevate your entire outfit.

From high-end jewelry to jewelry that is more on the affordable end, there’s always something that you’ll be able to find. Boutique jewelry is one of the categories of jewelry that has the potential to become one of the top choices you’ll grab first in your collection.

If you’re on the hunt for boutique jewelry that encapsulates the individual style that will always be unique to you, look no further than our selection.

About Our Boutique

Reece boutique is a trendy, online clothing store that was founded in October 2018. We sell a range of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories that all encompass a chic, fun, and flirty style. Nearly anything you can imagine in clothes, you can expect to find them from our selection.

We always make sure to keep what’s trending prominently in our clothes so that our customers can always look their best. We also offer our clothing in various designs and styles so that all of our customers will be able to find something that matches their personal style.

Aside from just our online store, we have a physical store located in Charlotte, NC. Those who are local to the area are encouraged to take a look at the options we have to add a pop to their wardrobe. Locals in the area also have the option to pick up their orders from the store if they’ve selected something online.

We want to become the boutique that you’ll be able to go to if you are looking for the latest new trends in clothing and in accessories. One way you can do this is by taking a look at the boutique jewelry we carry at our store.

What Kind Of Jewelry Do We Carry?

If you take a look at our ‘accessories’ product page, you’ll be able to view our selection of jewelry pieces.

There you’ll be able to find earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, each which have a distinctive look to them that are guaranteed to catch eyes. Their qualities are bold and colorful and may even be referred to as statement pieces due to their features.

No matter what you purchase from our selection of boutique jewelry, you’ll have something that can amplify your entire look.

What makes the power of statement pieces so strong is that they can elevate a rather simple look. For instance, they would look great paired with a simple outfit like a basic tee and jeans because they can make a statement all on their own.

You have the ability to pair your jewelry with our selection however you’d like. Even if statement pieces aren’t a part of your style, these pieces make excellent options for those who are looking to step out of their comfort zone.

Perhaps you’d like to try a new style or choose a piece of jewelry that has a color you don’t normally wear. Just like our clothes, we’ve made sure to choose our jewelry in a way that makes every one of our customers look their best.

From jewelry to clothes, our pieces are suitable for everyone’s style. Don’t hesitate to purchase the piece you’ve been eyeing as it is guaranteed to add some sort of dimension to your wardrobe. Take a look at our selection to find which ones appeal to you the most.

Boutique Jewelry - Our Key Features

A wide variety of our accessories retain some distinctive features that are unique to our boutique only. As you take a look at our jewelry, you may be able to recognize the following features in our pieces below.

Bright Colors

There’s no question that a lot of the clothing that we carry in our store features plenty of bold and bright colors. Even the most simple pieces of clothing can make all the difference by encompassing some form of bright color to them.

The same goes for our jewelry pieces. You’ll notice that a lot of our jewelry, particularly our earrings, are sold in colors that pop. You may notice a lot of bright pinks, blues, and bright metals like gold and silver.

Aside from just the style of the jewelry themselves, a pop of color can truly complete any outfit. They will stand out and bring a lot of attention to your look.

Trendy Styles

A lot of patterns come and go in the jewelry and fashion industry. Our goal is to make sure we are continuing to keep up to date with the latest trends throughout our boutique.

If you take a look at our jewelry pieces, you’ll come across fun shapes and styles including stars, thunderbolts, tassels, coins, and more.

Rather than carrying subtle pieces of jewelry in our store, our pieces always retain patterns that you may see trending elsewhere. You can stand out from the crowd by purchasing our jewelry in a style you’ve never seen or tried out before.

Aside from jewelry, you can find plenty of cute accessories as well. If you’re interested in bags, belts, hair clips, scrunchies and more than our accessories page is the perfect place for you.

Our Top Recommendations

A little direction for shopping never hurts when it comes to our boutique. Between our wide variety of clothing and accessories, it may be useful to use what is best selling in our jewelry as a guide. Below are some of our customer-favorite pieces of jewelry that you may be able to draw some inspiration from.

Snake Earrings

This gray pair of snake earrings embodies what statement pieces are all about. Between its unique style, metallic color, and gold detailing, these earrings will be able to make any outfit look good.

To get creative with your final look, try pairing these earrings with a piece of clothing that has a snakeskin pattern on them. If you don’t have any of these patterns in your wardrobe, you can also pair them with a simple, gray outfit.

Bolt Necklace

This gold glass necklace is bold in terms of material, color, and the thunderbolt pendant alone. It is considered to be a customer favorite in our store due to its gorgeous appearance and ease in styling. As with our other pieces of jewelry, you can wear this necklace with any outfit without taking away from your desired look.

Penny For Your Thoughts Bracelet

The coin details in this bracelet are perfect for those who like to add an antique or rustic style to their look. They come in a set of 5 stretch bracelets giving you the opportunity to layer, mix, and match or style them in the way that you prefer.

Depending on which metal you like the most, you can choose between the silver or gold set. If you’re aiming to go for a more unique look, you can purchase both sets and mix the colors of silver and gold together.

Red Star Hoops

Add a twist to the classic hoop earrings with this popular pick. Between the red pop of color, the star shapes, and the gold details, these are sure to amplify any outfit that you wear. Pair it with one of our graphic tees, sweaters, or other tops if you’d like to play around with color. To go with the star theme, pair these with an outfit that includes star detailing.

Although these are just a few of many boutique jewelry pieces that we carry, perhaps the options above can give you some inspiration on looks you’d like to try if you haven’t already. We love to take trending patterns or looks and turn them into pieces that our clients can incorporate into their wardrobe.

Our Styling Tips

One of the advantages of purchasing the jewelry on our website is that there is plenty of room for you to get creative in terms of how you style our jewelry. There is no right or wrong way to wear your pieces, but if you are looking for inspiration, consider trying out some of our jewelry styling tips below.

Match Colors and Patterns

A lot of our jewelry pieces have bold colors in them that are beautiful enough to stand out on their own. If you are looking to take your outfit to the next level, try matching the colors or patterned details that are in your jewelry with the colors and details seen in your outfit.

This tip never fails to add a more cohesive look to your outfit and is a fun way to show off the features in your jewelry pieces.


Layering is something that can apply to all different types of jewelry pieces. You can choose to layer necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. If you’re looking to spice up your entire look, wear a few pieces of jewelry together rather than just one.

You can do this by pairing heavier pieces with daintier pieces. You can even play around with different metals and colors to achieve a look that you enjoy best. This can amplify the simplest of outfits in a way you wouldn’t expect.

Enhance Your Features

The jewelry that we carry is versatile in a way that they can enhance everyone’s different features. Although each piece of jewelry that you purchase from our store is guaranteed to stand out, you can always use jewelry to enhance some of your physical features. One example of this is by sticking with some of our longer earrings to elongate your face.

Other accessories like our scrunchies will be sure to enhance a simple hairstyle. You’ll always have the freedom to style our accessories in your own way that is individual to your look.

Shipping and Returns

At the present, we ship in the U.S. only, allowing our customers from all over the country to purchase and receive our products. All shipping over purchases over $100 is free, otherwise, a flat rate of $5 is applied to your order.

If you are local to Charlotte, North Carolina, you are more than welcome to purchase our pieces online and pick up your order at our physical store. You may come across something you like while browsing online. We want to make sure all of our customers are fully satisfied with what they have picked out.

With that being said, if you are not satisfied with a purchase or would like to return, you can do so within 10 business days for a full refund. If you have any questions regarding your order, you can always contact our customer service team for additional support.

We take extra measures to make sure we get our products to you in a timely manner so you can show off your new pieces.

Contact Us Today

Making sure our customers have a positive experience at our store is important for us. Our customer’s feedback plays a crucial role in making sure we are curating the best products for our customers to enjoy.

If you’d like to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns regarding our products or your order, you can reach us at 980-237-2852 or emailing info@thereeceboutique.com. A member of our team will be able to help you resolve any issues or questions you may have.

We love to see our customers wearing their new jewelry or clothing that they’ve purchased from our store. If you’d ever like to get a further idea of what some of our clothing looks like on our customers, you can visit our Instagram page @reeceboutique.

On our social media page, you may even get a first look at some of our new arrivals that will be sold at our store.

Until then, take a look at our current new styles that we have in stock. You can even take a look at our ‘sale items’ page to check out our clothing or jewelry being sold at discounted prices.

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